Save Money on Mailing with EDDM

What is EDDM?

EDDM stands for “Every Door Direct Mail.” Designed to help businesses send promotions to a targeted area, this U.S. Postal Service program allows you to have your mailer hand-delivered to every mailbox along chosen routes. EDDM is a cost effective alternative to traditional direct mail that allows you to saturate areas based on postal carrier routes, not a costly mailing list, and for a substantially reduced postage rate.


Benefits of EDDM

Save money on postage.

Retail EDDM is $0.176 postage per piece. That's much, much less than the price of a regular postage stamp, and almost half the price of the regular post card postage rate.


Reach customers at home. 

Get messages, invitations, and promotions directly into the hands of your target consumer.


No mailing lists or permits required.

Let the USPS do the work of saturating specific areas, saving you the hassle and cost of generating and paying for costly lists or special permits. There is no need to worry about duplicate or undeliverable addresses.


Flexible size ranges. 

Choose from our diverse selection of size and finishing options that fit into the USPS’s EDDM restrictions for virtually endless marketing possibilities.


You have control.

You decide where, when and how many pieces you send out, with few requirements: 200 minimum and 5000 maximum per post office, per day.


Full service available. 

Ordering is simple, and we take care of the bundling, paperwork and delivery to the USPS.



One of the few requirements to sending EDDM is to send to at least one full carrier route in a given zip code. The USPS actually makes this type of mail very simple. 

Go to the EDDM section of the USPS website for more information and to use the handy calculation tool:

Just click on "Get Started," and then put in the zip code you want to search. Once that area comes up, you can select routes (click on "show table"). To choose routes, you can either put a check in a route box on the table, or you can hide the table and click on an area on the map. As you choose routes, it will calculate the postage for you immediately. That way you can instantly decide which route's you want to choose, and how much postage you want to spend.


Printology's Services

Printology offers bundling services, EDDM Processing services, and of course, printing services. EDDM Processing services include ordering your mailing from the post office site, adding the required paperwork on each bundle, paying for your postage, and delivering it to the post office for you. You just need to choose your route numbers, and send us those with their corresponding zip codes.

Printology customers that have used this type of mailing service to promote their business have reported to us that it brought in so many new customers that it actually PAYS FOR ITSELF!

Call or email Printology to find out more.