Printology Launches Web-To-Print E-Commerce Website

Round Rock, TX., May 6, 2016, For immediate release.

Printology, a local Round Rock company, now has an updated dynamic e-commerce website for ease in purchasing printed products. Users can now upload a press-ready file, design online with pre-designed templates, and check out right at the website. 

The site works like a printer's site should work. The new design-online feature is now very robust, and in addition, contains hundreds of pre-designed templates that can be easily narrowed to an industry or topic. Creating a design for your printed product has never been more simple.

"Printology's new site encompasses features that our clients have asked for, along with others you may not have thought of. Rest assured that you can also still contact us directly. We will handle everything for you, and provide you with the level of service you're used to, as we always have."

"We'd like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who helped us achieve our current level of growth. You know who you are. You are resourceful business owners or marketing folks that know great quality and value when you see it. You expect the best, and you know how to get it. You are the best of the best in Round Rock, it's surrounding areas, and across the nation. You've grown a company with measureable success, and we are honored to have had a hand in guiding you through a part of that. You are our biggest fans, and we're yours!"

"We love watching you all grow. Keep reaching up!"

Tony and Cathy