7 Ways to Save Money When Buying Printing

Business Cards still matter

We all want to save money. Here are 7 ways you can order printing, while keeping more money in your pocket.

1.  Choose a standard size.

Try to stick with the MANY standard sizes of products available. Of course, Printology can print almost any custom size you can dream up, but orders are processed more easily if they’re a standard size. Ease translates into economy, so those products usually cost less, and that saves you money.

2.  Make sure your file is print-ready.

You may be aware that if your file is not set up properly, it will need to be fixed. Be sure to ask for specifications that are required by your printer to produce the best-quality printing results. Consulting your printer early in your planning will save both time and money. If your file needs a correction, you’ll be paying for those changes. If your file is set up right, you’ll save money.

You can call or email Printology to get information and free advice. We will even send you step-by-step instructions to help you create your file correctly. 

3.  Use a good print designer.

There’s no reason to send out a post card or hand out a business card that looks misaligned, poorly designed, or cheap-looking. It will send the wrong message to your prospects, and could do more harm than good. A good print design company will be able to help you with distribution methods, help you come up with the right content, and will create an eye-catching design with a purpose. Don’t waste your time or money buying print materials any other way. 

Printology offers economical options at any level of service you need to fit your budget. Or, if you just need advice, we offer assistance with all aspects of design/print/distribution.

4.  Choose full color with coatings.

In the past, full color with coatings was one of the most expensive types of printing you could buy. The least expensive type was black ink or just one color on an inexpensive paper. And if you need tens of thousands, that’s still a low cost option per piece. 

But, due to ever-changing updating, new product introductions, marketing events, or other target marketing campaigns, short run marketing materials are what most companies need printed these days. So, full color products with coatings have become the most popular, and therefore, one of the least expensive options. For instance, sticking to house-stocked papers with full color printing and Matte or UV coatings on most products offered by Printology will save you money.

5.  Order early or on time.

We offer many products that can be ready within one day, but not every product can be ready that fast. Some products we offer are delivered to you within one week, and some take a little longer than that. However, products such as specialty items (like pens, tote bags, mugs, sunglasses, etc.) can take 10 business days, and for some items, up to 3 weeks.

If you’re running late and you have an event coming up sooner than that, many products can be rushed. But, of course, this will cause you to have to pay more for your printing. So, ordering early will save you money.

6.  Order a higher quantity.

The more you buy, the lower the cost per piece. For instance, buying 1000 post cards can be just a few more dollars than buying 500. So, as long as it makes sense, and you think you’ll be able to distribute more, buying a higher quantity will save you money. 


7.  Choose a smaller product.

If you’re thinking about ordering a booklet, maybe a fold-over brochure will do.

If you’re thinking about ordering a trifold brochure, a rack card or flyer might fill the bill.

If you’re thinking about ordering a post card to place on doors, a business-card sized coupon card could serve the same purpose.

If you’re thinking about ordering a poster, keep it to 11” x 17” in size.

The trick is to just get a good-looking, high-quality piece in front of your target audience. They need to be informed that you exist, be shown the right message, and then be reminded again and again.