5 Reasons to Promote Your Event with Flyers

In most cases, to have a successful event, you want as many people as possible to attend. You need to use several types of advertising to reach enough of the right people. Social media and e-mail marketing should be part of your advertising efforts, but to reach more people who would otherwise know nothing about you or your event, we recommend promoting with a flyer.


1. Flyers are Cost Effective

Flyers are one of the least expensive types of printed promotional materials, which makes them a budget-friendly option. They are a simple way to get a good return on your investment. You could use a small card as a flyer to make it even more cost effective.


2. Flyers Make It Easy

Even though they are not very expensive, flyers can contain all the information someone will need to be able to attend your event. It makes it easy for people to understand all the details about your event, and for them to keep it at hand. But, if necessary, you could also include a web address, or a QR code that takes them instantly to a landing page with more information.


3. Flyers are Versatile

When folded, they can be mailed. If left flat, they'll be more like a leaflet. If hung on a wall, they become a poster. If they are smaller and thicker, they are considered a post card or a push card. Printology can even provide your flyer design to you in an electronic form to be sent out as an e-mail.


4. Flyers Reach Your Audience

You can pass out or post flyers right where your target audience is. They can be placed or posted in convenience stores, grocery stores, college campuses, coffee shops, clubs, recreational areas, hotels, restaurants, welcome centers, and local businesses where your audience frequents. (Be sure to get permission to post any flyers.) If your flyer has been designed well and is displayed to the right audience, they may keep it long after the event. This will reinforce your brand. People will remember it, and even tell their friends about it.


5. Flyers Add Incentive and Create Marketing Opportunities

On your flyer, be sure to state how attending this event will benefit the attendee. It needs to be clear what they will get out of it, or they will not even consider showing up. You can also add something of value such as a map to the event, or a discount on the cover charge. You can even have them include their e-mail address or other information right on the flyer, and have them bring it to the event to receive an entrance discount, or be entered for a drawing. These ideas will add incentive for them to come, and will also help you to build a database for future marketing.


Flyer Design Tips

The design of your flyer should be consistent with all other materials used to promote your event. You should create a consistent brand identity throughout your campaign. Use the same colors and logo, if you have one. And, the quality of your flyer will directly reflect the way people will think of the quality of your event. If your flyer is professional-looking and well-designed, people will get the feeling your event will be worth attending.

Don’t forget to include all of the basics on your flyer: the event name, location, time, date, contact information, and a short description of the event. But, it is also important that you include a design element that will grab attention and make someone want to read your flyer, such as a colorful graphic, photo, logo, or illustration. A catchy slogan can also help the reader want to keep reading. Also, you’ll need to give them an action item that you want them to do; to show up, to make a donation, to bring a friend, or to get more information.